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Manufacturing Businesses Save and Earn Money with Spara Technology

"We use a very large amount of electricity during three critical months of the grape season; we wanted to get on top of this issue. We also wanted to do the right thing from a green perspective."

Jesse Munguia
Operations Engineer
Four Star Fruit

Applications include:

  • Air handling fans
  • Variable speed drives
  • Ppumps
  • Conveyors
  • Blowers
  • Dryers
  • Heat treaters
  • Chillers
  • Compressors

Manufacturers of all kinds—including battery, printing, carpet, rubber, and cement businesses—have used Spara technology to reduce electricity costs, earn money through demand response programs, and meet corporate sustainability goals.

Reduce costs and raise revenue

  • Manage energy usage from air handling, pumping, cooling, extruding, machining, conveying, mixing, and other types of equipment to reduce costly demand spikes without harming production.
  • Take advantage of dynamic pricing for electricity rather than being at its mercy. The system monitors your meters and receives pricing data from your utility in real time, and then quickly adjusts your power demand to take advantage of lower rates or minimize charges during rate spikes.
  • Participate reliably and safely in the latest demand response programs that pay you for reducing energy use—including those that require real-time, system-to-system response.

Protect product quality, safety and production targets

  • The Spara system’s rules-based operation lets you determine actions based on how aggressively you want to curtail loads—you decide what you can give up for a given demand response or demand control benefit. 
  • Spara can prioritize loads sequentially, by group, or by other factors, and it can synchronize load shedding to achieve both savings and productivity targets.
  • The system never breaks the rules you set up to protect production.

Meet sustainability goals

Spara technology can help you hit corporate sustainability targets and meet major retailers’ demands that its manufacturers show commitment to reducing their carbon footprint.

  • Implementing demand response, demand control, and dynamic pricing strategies typically reveals more opportunities for eliminating waste and optimizing use.
  • Cutting your peak power use through demand control and demand response initiatives reduces stress on the grid, which can eliminate the need to build new power plants.

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