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Foundry and Metals Businesses Save and Earn Money with Spara Technology

We are very satisfied. The Powerit system has fulfilled all our expectations as well as the estimated savings.

Mark Regus
Plant Manager
Alloy Casting Company

 Loads managed include:

  • Holding furnaces
  • Induction furnaces
  • Arc melting furnaces
  • Air compressors
  • Scrubbers
  • Industrial grinders
  • Vacuum melting furnaces
  • Temperature inputs
  • Heat treatments
  • Air handling


Powerit’s Spara technology is the leading energy demand management system for foundries. The technology has been up and running in foundries since 2003, more than 50 systems are installed in foundries across North America, and furnace giant Inductotherm is offering three furnace lines shipped prewired for Spara DM™.

Foundries such as Donsco Inc., Eagle Alloy, and Rochester Metals have used Spara technology to reduce electricity costs, earn money, and improve operations.

Reduce costs and raise revenue

  • Manage energy usage from all types of equipment—not just furnaces—to reduce costly demand spikes without negatively affecting production.
  • Take advantage of dynamic pricing for electricity rather than being at its mercy. The system monitors your meters and receives pricing data from your utility in real time, and then quickly adjusts your power demand to take advantage of lower rates or minimize charges during rate spikes.
  • Participate reliably and safely in the latest demand response programs that pay you for reducing energy use—including those that require real-time, system-to-system response.

Protect quality, safety, and production targets

  • The Spara system automatically curtails only the loads needed to meet your savings goals, rather than making large, predefined reductions (as peak demand limiters do).
  • Spara can prioritize loads sequentially, by group, or by process logic to optimize your energy use, and it can synchronize load shedding to achieve both savings and productivity targets.
  • The system never breaks the rules you set up to protect production.

Optimize operations beyond energy costs

  • With full visibility into your facility’s energy use, you can monitor equipment efficiency, calculate product costs more accurately, anticipate equipment failures, and act on data in real time.
  • Verify savings, track progress toward sustainability goals, and close the loop on ROI estimates.