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California Industrial Energy

"Powerit is uniquely positioned in the industrial automation market as the last mile linking facilities to the smart grid, so they can tap into savings and ever more sophisticated demand management strategies."

Rob Day
Black Coral Capital

Energy supply has sometimes been hard to come by in California.  As with many things, necessity is the mother of invention and this rocky past influenced the state to be one of the most progressive and proactive when it comes to energy efficiency and energy curtailment programs.  Take a moment to learn more about California's energy programs by perusing our compilation of links and resources.

Major Electric Utilities

Although there are several small suppliers of energy in California, these are the largest players.  See a complete list here. We work closely with these utilities to make sure that you get the most out of your energy project. 

Pacific Gas & Electricity (PG&E)

Southern California Edison (SCE)

San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E)


California has a generous incentive program for industrial businesses.  We can hold your hand through every step of the incentive process.  Find out which incentives can apply to you by filling out our incentive form.

California Industrial Energy in the News