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Join us at the 2010 IARW-WFLO Annual Convention!

"Powerit is uniquely positioned in the industrial automation market as the last mile linking facilities to the smart grid, so they can tap into savings and ever more sophisticated demand management strategies."

Rob Day
Black Coral Capital

Learn how to erase high energy costs like Del Mar Foods, Anchor Warehouse and Amy's Kitchen & enjoy a free Kill-A-Watt Meter!

MeterVisit the Powerit Solutions classroom in Booth #517 and learn how to reduce electricity costs with the Spara automated energy management system - without negatively impacting production or quality.

Once you've learned all the ways you can save - with peak demand control, price response, demand response and energy efficiency - be sure to pick up a free Kill-A-Watt meter.  We believe that energy saving should begin at home.  You'll find that this meter will help you and your family be more mindful of their energy usage. 

Excited about what we do?

Take a moment to fill out our Energy Evaluation Worksheet. We'll Have a Business Development Engineer contact you to tell you how much money we can save you.

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