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Demand Management Solutions

Powerit has given us peace of mind. Our Spara system removes the potential for human error. And the ease of changing parameters allows us to support production increases without losing control of power consumption.

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Spara Demand Diagnostics® is an analytical tool that allows Powerit partners and customers to determine potential demand management savings at a facility. It maps to a single utility meter, and can be used across commercial and industrial applications. Learn more

Spara Go™ is designed as an off-the-shelf demand management solution, ready for integration into an auotmated facility through standard Modbus registers. Typical applications are commercial building management, campus energy management, industrial applications. Learn more

Spara DM® is designed for facility microgrid applications, available with full turnkey implementation engineering, project management, and integration services. Load control scales to meet facility needs.  Learn more
Spara Hub® is a hosted energy platform which links to multiple data streams and allows users to quickly get a comprehensive view of their energy usage and costs to enable optimal control for savings and sustainability. It connects changing utility data with changing customer load information in real time, enabling energy use decisions based on the price of electricity. Spara Hub provides robust hosting for energy data, up-to-date energy pricing data, and integration with the latest ISO, utility, and aggregator programs. Learn more

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