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Spara Demand Diagnostics®: See Potential Savings

"The energy management system is a great tool. We have achieved the predicted savings and would definitely recommend it to others."

Dick Winsemius
Plant Engineering
Cannon-Muskegon Corporation

Spara Demand Diagnostics® is an analytical tool that allows Powerit partners and customers to determine potential demand management savings.

Demand Diagnostics gathers energy data from onsite metering sent to Spara Hub®. A Spara Demand Diagnostics application running on Spara Hub uses the data to simulate demand control actions and provides an energy dashboard. Facilities can then evaluate their potential savings through demand control.

For Powerit partners, Demand Diagnostics is a simple and effective way to evaluate demand management potential within their customer base and provide added value.

Key Features of Spara Demand Diagnostics

  • Smart grid connectivity: up-to-date energy pricing data and integration with the latest ISO, utility, and aggregator programs
  • Advanced demand analytics: evaluates a facility’s energy use profile to determine demand management potential
  • Load control simulation: visualizes demand control actions and estimates savings
  • Hosted energy data: provides easy access to data from any Internet device and protects energy data from local intranet issues or equipment failure

It is even available on a white-label basis to OEMs and service providers that want to build advanced demand management into their branded products. 

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