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Spara DM®: Effortless Energy Savings

"We use a very large amount of electricity during three critical months of the grape season; we wanted to get on top of this issue. We also wanted to do the right thing from a green perspective."

Jesse Munguia
Operations Engineer
Four Star Fruit

Spara DM® is a predictive energy demand management system that allows businesses to reduce electricity costs and meet sustainability goals using a full spectrum of energy demand management strategies: demand control, demand response automation, and dynamic pricing optimization. By addressing usage on multiple fronts, Spara DM maximizes savings and conservation and accelerates return on investment—and it operates without compromising production.

How It Works

Spara DM uses sophisticated load prediction and control algorithms, built-in load-shedding intelligence, and data drawn from industrial equipment, electricity meters, and utility transmissions to optimize facility energy use and control microgrids. Customers define rules for controlling energy loads, and then use the system to manage energy use for cost savings, efficiency, and maximum feasible participation in demand response and other smart grid programs. The system’s Web-based interface allows ongoing monitoring and reporting to track usage against goals.

Users can significantly reduce energy costs without compromising operations because of Spara DM’s precision control capabilities. Powerit captured the experience of hundreds of energy curtailment and control applications and packaged them to create Embedded Operator Intelligence™, a powerful set of configuration rules that together guide a synchronized demand management strategy that can be adjusted on the fly. 

Benefits Beyond Savings

The cost savings are compelling, but Spara DM also delivers significant operational benefits. Spara DM provides a unified, facility-wide view of energy use that can lead to better decision-making, reporting, and policy control. The detailed data that Spara DM gathers becomes valuable business intelligence, shared and leveraged throughout the organization.

In addition, Spara DM extends the usefulness of legacy systems by integrating with virtually any existing controls. It also maximizes equipment lifetime through more efficient operations and lowers overall maintenance costs, increasing the value of buildings and capital assets.

A Solution for Every Need

Spara DM is available in multiple versions to serve all types of users. Each system can be packaged with professional services such as installation with wireless I/O, configuration, training, and performance optimization to ensure that customers receive maximum benefit from the system. It is also available on a white-label basis to OEMs and service providers that want to build advanced demand management into their branded products. 

Key Features of Spara DM

  • Adaptive demand setpoint: ensures that the facilityis running at the lowest peak demand within the definedoperational constraints.
  • Embedded Operator Intelligence: controls load curtailments based on equipment needs andproduction requirements.
  • Customizable alarm utility: notifies managers of events requiring attention, such as demand that exceeds the savings setpoint, loss of a utility pulse, or an event related to a data point such as temperature.
  • Web-based interface: makes the system accessible and easy to use.
  • Utility interval management: automatically manages energy use based on how the utility calculates peaks.
  • Real-time and archived reporting: provides graphical reports on energy usage, costsavings, and more.

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