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Spara Hub®: Anywhere, Anytime Demand Management

With Powerit, we can manage all of our cost-cutting initiatives - demand response, demand control, and energy efficiency - with one easy-to-use system.

Jake Nixon
Project Engineer
Mission Produce

The Spara Hub® platform takes Powerit’s advanced energy demand management technology into the cloud, giving Spara DM® users and Powerit partners an exceptionally user-friendly demand management tool. 

Spara Hub links to multiple data streams and allows users to quickly get a comprehensive view of their energy usage and costs to enable optimal control for savings and sustainability. It connects changing utility data with changing customer load information in real time, enabling energy use decisions based on the price of electricity. This access to real-time utility pricing, plus integration with the latest ISO, utility, and aggregator programs, allows Spara DM users to take full advantage of smart grid capabilities, whether they’re drawing power solely from their utility or using a connected microgrid.

Charts/Graphs- Spara hub diagram

With Spara Hub, users can remotely access data on any device without maintaining onsite databases, log in with one password to view multiple sites, compare energy data across sites to get an enterprise-level view of their energy use and demand control savings, and manage demand settings and utility program participation.

Spara Hub also allows Powerit partners to easily integrate Spara into their solutions and analyze customer demand profiles to create tailored demand management solutions. 

It is even available on a white-label basis to OEMs and service providers that want to build advanced demand management into their branded products. 

Key Features of Spara Hub

  • Intelligent demand management: reduces electricity costs without compromising production, quality, or safety
  • Smart grid connectivity: delivers up-to-date energy pricing data and integration with the latest ISO, utility, and aggregator programs
  • Advanced demand control and analytics: lets users drill down into the processes and loads contributing to peak demand charges
  • Enterprise energy view: allows users to reduce, consolidate, and compare energy usage from multiple sites
  • User-friendly: simplifies demand management with a clear interface for setting demand limit and load constraints, viewing demand control actions and savings, and manage demand response participation
  • Hosted energy data: provides easy access to data from any Internet device and protects energy data from local intranet issues or equipment failure

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