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Industrial Energy Incentives

"We use a very large amount of electricity during three critical months of the grape season; we wanted to get on top of this issue. We also wanted to do the right thing from a green perspective."

Jesse Munguia
Operations Engineer
Four Star Fruit

What can Incentives do for you?

The government, power providers and utilities all see the value in commercial and industrial companies investing in the equipment and services that enable them to be more efficient in their use of power.  As a result, many offer financial incentives and/rebate programs that fund or reimburse some or even all of the costs of these investments.  Powerit Solutions will work with each customer to identify any applicable incentives related to implementation of the Spara Demand Manager.  To be clear, incentives are not required for a Spara implementation to be attractive.  Typically, the measurable financial benefit resulting from the implementation of a Spara DM® project is 18 months or less; even without any applicable incentives.

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