Powerit Solutions

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Powerit Makes the Smart Grid Work for Businesses and Utilities

"We are not only satisfied, but also overwhelmingly thrilled with the product."

Lee Haskins,
Director of Operations,
Del Mar Food Products Corp.

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Powerit Solutions is an international energy management technology company based in Seattle, WA. We strive to make the smart grid real, profitable, and effortless for utilities and energy-intensive businesses worldwide.

The Demand Management Standard

Powerit sets the demand management standard. Our Spara technology links energy-intensive businesses with the smart grid so customers can control energy use for savings and sustainability—without compromising production or quality.

The Spara system addresses demand at every level: it enables users to precisely control their energy loads, it enables equipment to operate efficiently, and it enables utilities to work effectively with their largest customers to manage the grid.

Powerit Technology at Work

Energy-intensive industrial businesses across North America, such as foundries, food processors, and manufacturers, use Spara technology to reduce electricity costs, operate more efficiently, and participate profitably in demand response and other smart grid programs that improve overall grid stability.

Spara software uses sophisticated load prediction and control processes, built-in load-shedding intelligence, and data drawn from industrial equipment, electricity meters, and utility transmissions to optimize energy use based on customer-defined rules that protect production. Customers can shrink electrical bills by 5 to 10 percent with Spara’s demand control capabilities, and earn tens of thousands of dollars by participating in demand response programs. The average Spara DM™ user saves more than $100,000 a year on their electricity bill.

The technology also contributes to sustainability goals. By enabling businesses to cut peak power use, it helps reduce the need to build new power plants. And utilities can call on Spara customers to lower or raise their energy use on demand to stabilize the grid, a growing need as intermittent renewable energy sources such as solar and wind come online.

Proven, Real-World Solutions

There are about 2,700 installations of Powerit technology in North America and Europe combined. This success is built on a strong technology foundation. Engineers associated with Lund University in Sweden, where demand charges are punishingly high, developed the company’s first-generation software in 1994.

Powerit was incorporated in the U.S. in 2006 and has continued to develop Spara technology with the vision of enabling effortless control of energy use worldwide.