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Powerit Solutions provided our business with a system that controls our electrical demand very well and they were able to meet our tight delivery requirements at a competitive cost.

Doug Smith
Project Engineer
Rochester Metal Products

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Jan 28, 2015

Carousel Images-Mitsubishi 2

Date: January 28, 2015
Sterling Fuels Limited 
3665 Russell Street 
Windsor, ON N9C 1E9 
Please join us for this excellent event presented by Mitsubishi Electric.
This seminar will provide and demonstrate the many strategies on how to reduce your energy consumption and saveONenergy programs that are available. The attending delegates will have various solutions to reduce your energy bills, improve your power quality and will present some case study presentations. 


Jan 20, 2015

Blog Images-2014 Q4 ReportRockwell Automation has helped a host of industrial organizations establish energy management programs and solutions. In the following Q&A, Patty Solberg, Powerit Solutions Director of Product Marketing asks Phil Kaufman, Rockwell Business Manager for the Power and Energy Management Product Group and Mary Burgoon, Rockwell Market Development Manager for Sustainable Production, Power Generation and Energy Management how manufacturers (or organizations) can facilitate these solutions; the role of automation and technology; the critical importance of communication– between employees, as well as between machines; and the significant cost reductions that result from the right kind of industrial energy management.

Jan 13, 2015

Blog Images-SaaSAs speakers at the recent Demand Response World Forum made clear, the best way to get demand response (DR) to scale is to enable customers to respond to price. For industrial and commercial facilities, which are positioned to provide an outsize portion of demand reduction, intermediaries providing software as a service (SaaS) may be the key to removing participation hurdles.


Jan 6, 2015

Blog Images-2015In the past year, Powerit technology showed its mettle in severe circumstances, gained recognition from global energy leaders, and proved powerful and flexible enough to manage microgrids and maximize the value of distributed generation. 

Dec 31, 2014

Blog Images-Spara HWPowerit Solutions is now offering SparaHub® and Spara DM® on a white-label basis to OEMs and service providers that want to build advanced demand management into their branded products. The move reflects our ongoing efforts to build an innovative demand management ecosystem, and ultimately make optimal energy use effortless and universal. 


Dec 10, 2014

Charts/Graphs-spara hub diagramWhat’s the key to taking full advantage of the smart grid? “Driving intelligence into the production and consumption of energy at the factory level,” said Patty Solberg, Powerit Solutions’ director of product marketing, speaking last month at the Rockwell Automation Fair in Anaheim, Calif. 

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