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Powerit Solutions provided our business with a system that controls our electrical demand very well and they were able to meet our tight delivery requirements at a competitive cost.

Doug Smith
Project Engineer
Rochester Metal Products

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May 18, 2015

Charts/Graphs-Spara Go diagramSpara Go™, Powerit Solutions' new quick-start product tailored for simple implementations, is now available to plug into existing automation technology at commercial buildings, campuses and industrial sites that don't have the heavy-duty needs of our most energy-intensive industrial customers.

May 12, 2015

Charts/Graphs-Demand Response Powerit smallThe Supreme Court’s decision last week to hear an appeal of a lower court ruling that invalidated federal pricing rules for demand response is good news for everyone who wants to reduce pollution from power plants and provide incentives for optimal energy use.

The court will hear arguments during its fall session and is likely to rule in June 2016 on the validity of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Order 745, a 2011 rule requiring grid operators to pay market rates for DR resources in wholesale energy markets. The Electric Power Supply Association and other trade groups filed suit against FERC in 2012, challenging its authority to issue the order, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit ruled in their favor. 

May 6, 2015

Misc. Images-wastewater 2Energy use by water and wastewater utilities accounts for 35 percent of typical municipal energy budgets in the U.S., with these facilities consuming 30–40 percent of total energy used, according to the U.S. EPA. That makes wastewater plants a prime candidate for demand management.

Wastewater plants use batch processing, which allows a demand management system to slow down certain processes or equipment, delay their start-up, or turn them off entirely to prevent demand spikes or participate in demand response programs.  Many of these loads are also fully automated, which decreases the cost of DMS integration and implementation.

Apr 28, 2015

Charts/Graphs-Spara hub microgridWe’ve shown how Powerit Solutions’ Spara DM® software, acting as a facility-level microgrid controller, can save money for solar-equipped commercial and industrial facilities by smoothing out demand peaks and creating a virtual battery. Now Powerit customers can see the impact of solar power on demand in real time—and how the Spara system manages it—with our new solar dashboard for Spara Hub®.

Spara DM controls all on-site energy resources, including consuming loads, whose inherent energy flexibility and process buffers Spara uses to create a virtual battery; energy storage (such as a physical battery); renewable energy sources; and back-up generators. The system can also operate in island mode during a temporary failure of the utility grid. The dashboard screenshot below shows power supplies, demand, and demand management results for an entire day at one facility; notes underneath the image explain exactly what’s going on.

Apr 17, 2015

When:    April 21-23, 2015

Where:   Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, OH

Website:  http://www.afsinc.org/news/MCCLanding.cfm?ItemNumber=15212&navItemNumber=8697

Managing a facility’s electrical demand can be an effective way to control energy costs.  Some foundries have found that to be most effective, such control must involve automation that enables the facility to intelligently regulate its energy use. The automation system, whether it’s furnace management software, a programmed PLC or a facility wide energy management system, must provide assurances that the facility’s loads are controlled properly and safely, and production throughput isn’t impacted.  This same strategy can also be used to participate in emerging utility Demand Response (DR) programs.  Join Powerit Solutions at booth 933 to learn more about these energy management strategies using our Spara DM® and about what we've done for companies like Cannon-Muskegon and Donsco.

Apr 7, 2015

Blog Images-EcoSystemDemand response management system providers and DR aggregators (also known as curtailment service providers) are essential elements of the smart grid ecosystem, providing utilities and ISOs with the software and services they need to run DR programs. They can’t help their customers maximize DR participation, however, unless they add advanced demand management capabilities that reach into building systems and shop floors.

Companies in this space—which include Siemens, ABB, Schneider Electric, GE Energy, Honeywell, Constellation, Johnson Controls and EnerNOC—in some cases provide an automation signal at commercial and industrial facilities, and may even offer residential DR automation. Their natural next step is driving automation deeper into commercial and industrial facilities, providing intelligence at the load level for DR 2.0 programs and peak demand management. 

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