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Powerit Solutions provided our business with a system that controls our electrical demand very well and they were able to meet our tight delivery requirements at a competitive cost.

Doug Smith
Project Engineer
Rochester Metal Products

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Powerit Offers Technology Licenses to OEMs and Others









Powerit Solutions is now offering SparaHub® and Spara DM® on a white-label basis to OEMs and service providers that want to build advanced demand management into their branded products. The move reflects our ongoing efforts to build an innovative demand management ecosystem, and ultimately make optimal energy use effortless and universal. 

Licensing Spara technology as an OEM platform allows a wide variety of companies to plug smart-grid connectivity into their own product lines. These companies include automation vendors, energy services companies, equipment manufacturers, industrial automation providers, solar and battery vendors, utilities and aggregators. Licensees can use the technology to add value to their demand management products, improve the ROI of solar installations, and automate control of facility or campus microgrids.

The licensed product comes with Powerit’s built-in industrial and demand management expertise, sales support, customer and partner training, integration and implementation support, software configuration wizards and access to the Spara Hub cloud platform.

In addition, Powerit is releasing Spara software onto third-party hardware. We have demonstrated the software’s portability through work with our partners, including our ongoing collaboration with Mitsubishi. It is also available on Advantech and Siemens industrial PCs, and is suitable for other proprietary controllers. We are continuing to offer our custom controller as well.

The introduction of technology licenses follows the release in November of our Electrical Demand Automation System Software specification. That tool, another contribution to the demand management ecosystem, gives building contractors, engineering firms, energy services companies, and others a standardized way to specify, evaluate and develop demand management systems. Find out more here.

Contact info@poweritsolutions.com for details on Spara licenses.

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