Powerit Solutions

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Distributors and Systems Integrators

"Powerit is uniquely positioned in the industrial automation market as the last mile linking facilities to the smart grid, so they can tap into savings and ever more sophisticated demand management strategies."

Rob Day
Black Coral Capital

Powerit partners with a network of automation distributors and qualified systems integrators serving customers across vertical market segments. Adding Spara technology to their product lines allows these partners to build on their energy efficiency and automation offerings by helping customers manage demand and tap into utility incentive programs.

Spara Go gives systems integrators a low-cost way to introduce their customers to demand management. It provides the full demand control, demand response, and dynamic pricing functionality of Powerit’s SparaDM® and SparaHub® technology, with a fixed number of preconfigured loads and a fixed amount of support for set-up and maintenance. 

Distribution partners include: