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Case Study:  Amy's Kitchen

"We are not only satisfied, but also overwhelmingly thrilled with the product."

Lee Haskins,
Director of Operations,
Del Mar Food Products Corp.

About Amy's Kitchen

Amy’s Kitchen is the nation's leading source of natural and organic convenience food. Its products are available nationally in natural foods stores, most supermarkets, select warehouse club stores, as well as internationally. 

Amy's uses certified organic ingredients, including vegetables, grains and fruits grown without pesticides. Fats are used sparingly and selectively; all dairy ingredients are made with pasteurized rBST hormone free milk and do not contain animal enzymes or rennet. No dishes contain meat, fish, poultry, or eggs. Amy's products are non-GMO and do not contain hydrogenated fats or oils.

Optimized Loads

· Blast Freezers

· Freezers

· Coolers

· Evaporators

· Glycol Chillers

· Battery Chargers

· Blowers

· Pumps

· Spiral Freezer Compressor

Powerit Installed

· Energy Management Hardware & Software

· PG&E Auto Demand Response CLIR Box

· Konnekt™ Wireless I/O

· Energy Monitoring and Reporting

· Temperature Monitoring and Reporting

A Powerful Need

During a hot day in the summer of 2008 one of the two main breakers failed at Amy’s Santa Rosa, CA facility. Amy’s learned the extreme heat that day drew too much power from their coolers causing a load issue. This was a serious problem that would need to be addressed if they hoped to avoid future failures. A procedure was developed whereby on hot days Amy’s would temporarily shut down some of the refrigeration units by hand and then turn them back on later in the day. Temperatures were monitored to ensure that food safety and quality requirements were maintained. While they were successful in preventing failures the process was very time- and labor-intensive and could not be fine-tuned in any way. It was then that Bert Pires, Director of Engineering, went looking for a better solution.