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Powerit Partners Are Demand Management Leaders

"Spara is a proven tool for smart grid connectivity in our field, and we know our customers will be interested in further driving down their energy costs via Powerit's peak demand control, automated demand response and dynamic pricing features."

Satyen Prabhu
President & CEO
Inductotherm Corp.

Powerit Solutions is working with many of the most respected and innovative companies in the automation and energy fields to build a demand management ecosystem that will make the smart grid real, profitable, and effortless for utilities and energy-intensive businesses. 

SparaHub® and Spara DM® are also available on a white-label basis to OEMs and service providers that want to build advanced demand management into their branded products. Licensing Spara technology as an OEM platform allows a wide variety of companies to add value to their energy management products, improve the ROI of solar installations, and automate control of facility or campus microgrids. Licensees get the full complement of Powerit support. Contact info@poweritsolutions.com for details.

Our Spara platform gives partners an essential connection to the smart grid for industrial markets. Partners integrate Powerit’s technology with their own automation technology, building management systems, demand response management platforms, metering data management systems, and equipment to supply customers with the full suite of tools they need to optimize energy use. ESCOs, aggregators, and systems integrators also tap Spara technology to enhance their service offerings.

A key benefit for many partners is Powerit’s energy control capability: Spara technology enables partners not only to provide insight into energy consumption but also to give customers a way to take action on that information. Working with Powerit means our technology, distribution, and referral partners can be sure their customers can get advanced energy demand management technology from companies they trust.

Technology Partners 

Distributors and Systems Integrators

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Contact partners@poweritsolutions.com for information on partnering with Powerit.

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