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Spara Technology Takes You to the Next Level of Energy Management

"Powerit is uniquely positioned in the industrial automation market as the last mile linking facilities to the smart grid, so they can tap into savings and ever more sophisticated demand management strategies."

Rob Day
Black Coral Capital

Key Spara Benefits

  • Proven technology:    more than 2,700 installations worldwide
  • Precision control:    infinite, rules-based controls that can be changed on the fly
  • Protects investments:    integrates with and extends the value of legacy systems
  • Business intelligence:  analytics and reports support improved decision-making
  • Accessibility:             web-based interface and cloud platform allow anytime, anywhere access
  • Sustainability:           helps reduce stress on the grid and cut energy consumption
  • Providing Energy Costs Savings:  Saved North American customers over $50M in utility costs

Spara technology links businesses to the smart grid more seamlessly, more extensively, and with greater user control and flexibility than any other demand management product line on the market.

Powerit provides energy demand management and efficiency at every level: our technology enables industrial businesses to precisely control their energy loads, it enables industrial devices to operate efficiently, and it enables utilities to manage the grid more effectively. It also can optimize complex microgrid systems by integrating control of both supply and demand, and interfacing with disparate energy supplies. 

High Reward, Low Risk

Your organization may already have undertaken energy cost-saving and efficiency measures but stopped short of manipulating critical production processes or implementing measures that might decrease building comfort. Powerit’s Spara technology solves that problem: it allows customer to define rules for controlling electrical loads without compromising production or operations, so they can run their business as the system manages both their energy use and their participation in demand response and other smart grid programs. Based on results and as conditions change, customer can fine-tune the rules to optimize controls for savings and sustainability.


Spara Demand Diagnostics® is an analytical tool that allows Powerit partners and customers to determine potential demand management savings at a facility. It maps to a single utility meter, and can be used across commercial and industrial applications. Learn more

Spara Go™ is designed as an off-the-shelf demand management solution, ready for integration into an auotmated facility through standard Modbus registers. Typical applications are commercial building management, campus energy management, and industrial applications. Learn more

Spara Demand Manager is designed for facility microgrid applications, available with full turnkey implementation engineering, project management, and integration services. Load control scales to meet facility needs.  Learn more
Spara Hub® is a hosted energy platform which links to multiple data streams and allows users to quickly get a comprehensive view of their energy usage and costs to enable optimal control for savings and sustainability. It connects changing utility data with changing customer load information in real time, enabling energy use decisions based on the price of electricity. Spara Hub provides robust hosting for energy data, up-to-date energy pricing data, and integration with the latest ISO, utility, and aggregator programs. Learn more

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