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Spara Go: Plug-and-Play Demand Management

Powerit has given us peace of mind. Our Spara system removes the potential for human error. And the ease of changing parameters allows us to support production increases without losing control of power consumption.

Patricio Gil
Blackhawk de Mexico

Spara Go is a fast, low-cost way to get started with demand management for systems integrators and experienced facility engineers who need to manage smaller,industrial facilities or commercial building and campus applications of any size.

This quick-start product provides the full demand control, demand response, and dynamic pricing functionality of Powerit’s Spara DM® and Spara Hub® technology, with a fixed number of preconfigured loads and a fixed amount of support for set-up and maintenance. It plugs into existing automation technology and is easy to set up and configure via a web-based interface.

Spara Go can manage 10 analog and 10 digital predefined loads, and can be set up to handle an entire facility, a subset of loads, or ancillary loads. Users that need to connect more than the preconfigured loads can easily increase their capacity through Powerit. 

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For full details, see the Spara Go data sheet.