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Powerit Service and Support Optimizes System Value

"Powerit is uniquely positioned in the industrial automation market as the last mile linking facilities to the smart grid, so they can tap into savings and ever more sophisticated demand management strategies."

Rob Day
Black Coral Capital

Powerit service and support helps you:

  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Minimize operating risk
  • Maximize system adoption
  • Protect investment
  • Extend system value through upgrades and enhancements

Powerit service and support includes:

  • Technical training
  • Remote performance review and support
  • Energy event simulations
  • Product warranties and upgrades

Powerit Solutions’ professional support organization ensures that Spara customers receive value at every stage of the adoption process, from the initial opportunity evaluation through post-implementation.

Comprehensive Opportunity Evaluation

We want our customers to have a comprehensive and realistic picture of the value they can get from demand management. We use a proven, defined methodology to determine if our products are a good fit. We conduct evaluations, identify available incentives, research tariffs, make on-site visits, and deliver a detailed proposal including expected return on investment. This ensures that customers get value from the technology from day one.

Implementation and Project Management

Post-commissioning activities follow a rigorous, repeatable process. After implementation, we offer ongoing support and services to help you get the most from your Spara system.

We will work with you to optimize energy management strategies for your organization as your energy consumption, prices, and policies change. This work includes thoroughly integrating your Spara system into site operations and using it to increase the visibility of energy use and enhance decision-making throughout the enterprise.

Optimization Services

Our optimization services fine-tune your system to maximize your savings. Our experienced energy engineers will analyze your demand management performance and adjust the system settings tuned to your current production needs, allowing you to focus on the non-energy side of your business.

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