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Spara Enables Full-Spectrum Demand Management

"With our upgrade to Spara, I can make even more subtle adjustments to the system to balance production and cost in ways that I did not think possible just a few years ago."

John Workman
Eagle Alloy

Powerit’s Spara technology goes beyond common energy efficiency measures to the next level of energy management, addressing not only how much energy you use, but also how it is used. The system enables optimal use of the full spectrum of demand management strategies: demand control, demand response, and dynamic pricing management.

Spara technology can also optimize complex microgrid systems by integrating control of both supply and demand. The system interfaces with solar, wind, storage battery, and utility supplies and coordinates constraint, availability, and pricing signals with load demands.

That means customers can run energy-intensive facilities at optimal efficiency, pay the lowest possible rates, and participate in incentive programs that pay them for unused kilowatts. These strategies also reduce stress on the grid, which can eliminate the need to build new power plants.

Demand Control can reduce electrical bills by 5 to 10 percent by reducing the high peak demand charges industrial businesses pay. Spara’s sophisticated load prediction and control capabilities and built-in intelligence on how to shed loads let users achieve these savings without compromising quality or production. Learn more

Demand Response programs allow businesses to earn money by reducing electricity consumption on demand, typically when the utility or power system operator is experiencing spikes in power demand. Spara allows users to participate in the most advanced (and highest-paying) programs without experiencing unanticipated disruptions. Learn more

Dynamic Pricing programs, such as real-time pricing (RTP), typically give participants 20 to 40 percent lower rates much of the time, combined with extremely high peak rates. Spara allows users to automatically manage pricing fluctuations to their advantage. Learn more

Not every strategy is right for every facility, and multiple tactics require coordination to ensure they’re not working at cross-purposes. Spara technology automates controls for maximum advantage with minimum user effort.

See how Spara optimizes microgrid performance