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Spara Demand Management: Dynamic Pricing

"We use a very large amount of electricity during three critical months of the grape season; we wanted to get on top of this issue. We also wanted to do the right thing from a green perspective."

Jesse Munguia
Operations Engineer
Four Star Fruit

The Spara DM™’s dynamic pricing capability allows businesses to benefit from fluctuating rates by automatically adjusting power usage based on the price of electricity.

More and more utilities are adopting dynamic pricing structures, in which rates change frequently—often hourly—based on the market price of electricity, weather events, or other conditions. These changes can happen with notice ranging from just minutes to 24 hours.

Participants in real-time pricing (RTP) programs, for example, may pay rates that are 20 to 40 percent lower than conventional rates much of the time but that skyrocket during peak times, sometimes to as much as 100 times the usual rate.

Spara DM receives real-time electricity prices direct from the utility and implements preset load management strategies based on that information. The system can implement different strategies in response to different pricing thresholds—all while protecting key processes—so that businesses can optimize their participation in dynamic pricing programs.

See how Spara DM™ works in specific industries

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